I am currently working on version 5.0 (more info can be found here) But it wouldn’t be fair if i was the only one being busy.

So i have setup a competition to keep you guys busy too. If you like these kind of competitions please let me know in the comments and i will try to add more in the future.

What is the competition
As you all might know, the plugin has the option to add your own CSS file so you can make your own layout for your items. If you don’t know anything about it yet please go to the Faq about it

I would like to receive your created layout and the best layout will win.

So what do i need to do to win?
When you have created your own layout using the css option i would like to receive an image how the item will look like now. I would also like to receive the CSS you used to create the item like that and if possible a link where you can see the item in action. (For and example of what you need to send you can go to the style sheet Fabrizio send in.)

You can email the details to with the subject “CSS competition July” Make sure you include the CSS and the image in the email and if possible a link to show people how it would look like.

So is there a price?
First price will receive a free addon. Maybe i will find some sponsors to donate some extra prices (if you want to donate a price in exchange for a banner on this you please contact me)

Are there any rules?
Yes ofcourse there are.
– The layout you send in should be created by you. If you use images in the layout those images should be created by you or you have the rights to use those images (i can ask for proof of that)
– When you send in a layout for the items you agree that other users of the plugin are allowed to use your stylesheet (they have to include your name in the CSS file and are not allowed to redistribute or resell your layout)
– The competition will run till the 31st of July (if there are more then 5 competitors. Else it will run till we reach the fifth competitor)
– You are allowed to send in more then one layout. But it will still count as 1 competitor. However you have a bigger change to win because all your entries will be put in the poll.
– I will use a poll that will run 1 month, after the entry period has closed, to decide who won the competition.

All entries will be posted on the stylesheet page and on the forum for everybody to see.