The plugin

This plugin has been created to help all website owners to make some money with their website. The main function of the plugin is to enable you to add XML feeds from affiliate networks. It has been build based on requests from the users that use it and still maintained on a daily basis.

There are a lot of affiliate networks that offer you the option to add items on your site. They are mostly working with XML files and you will have to build something around it to make it visible on your site. When you are using WordPress for your website you will be able to use my plugin.

An example of the plugin in use can be found on the meet the users section Here you will see interviews with current users of the plugin and how they implemented it. This will show the plugin in action.

You can also go to de beste schoenen website. Here you can also see the outpage for the statistics page in action.

So if you think this could be something you like for your site i would advise to install the plugin and start making money.