New Idea – Feed to post (Proof of concept)

Hi everybody,

I have an idea for a new addon. But I want to see first if there is any interest in it. The proof of concept is this:

1) you import a feed just like now (either automatically or manually)

2) you get an extra option menu where you can click on a button. This will then create all the categories (from the feeds) as categories for posts (you can set the category they should all fall under)

3) It will then create posts for all the items in the feed. It will use the image as a featured image, the price as a custom field, the title of the product as the title of the post and the description as the text in the post. You can then create your own layout around the posts

4) You get an update button. When you click on that it will see which posts are still in the feeds and update the price, image, description and title. It will then remove all posts that are no longer in the feed and add new items that don’t have posts yet.

I have not build this at all because it will use quite a lot of time, but if there is interest in it I will look what I can do.

Would you use this?
What price should I use for this addon?

Also feel free to leave any comments below around this idea.