Poll: Affiliate meeting

I have been working on this plugin for a couple years now. I have spoken to a lot of people by email to support them. I noticed there are a lot of people with a lot of knowledge. All in different fields and levels of knowledge. Some people do it as a living and some as a hobby. But we all have two things in common. We work with affiliates and we are all stuck with me (just a joke 😛 I will not force you to keep using my plugin :P)

I know Tradetracker did some WordPress seminars last year where people had to pay to get a training in regards of WordPress and affiliates. I believe they even used my plugin in one of those trainings. But this was mostly based around Tradetracker. But my plugin supports more networks like Zanox, M4n and Daisycon with the addons that are offered.

Because I’m in the middle of all this (A lot of people ask me questions in relation to the plugin but also in relation to WordPress, themes in WordPress and affiliate networks) I noticed that there are a lot of questions. But also a lot of knowledge which isn’t used to the full amount.

At this moment there are about 1600 to 2000 users of my plugin. So i want to see if you guys are interested in a Affiliate meeting/seminar. I have no concrete plans yet. So there is no ideas for a date, location or even topics. This is where i need your help. You guys know best what skills you have and what topics you want to get more information on.

So if you could fill in this survey i would be grateful:
The Survey

You can also leave a comment or contact me on the Facebook page if you have any ideas for this seminar.