Version 4.1.11

The following changes have been made for Version 4.1.11
– You can divide your items over multiple pages (this is still in test phase so it is disabled until you change the settings.)

How do i enable it?
You can enable it for every store in Add/Edit store and then the option called “Amount of items on a single page:” If you leave it on 0 there will be no pages. If you change it to 10 it will show 10 items on each page (until it reaches the limit you filled in)

Why is it still in test phase?
There is no css created for it yet because i don’t really know where to put it. Above or below the items, left or right side. So if you have any idea please leave a comment

It shows random items on a page
Than you have left the sorting field on rand(). When using pages you can best sort your items on something else then rand()

I found an issue with the pages
Please let me know by leaving a comment or by posting it on the forum