Which settings do i need for Daisycon feeds

With the daisycon Addon you are able to add feeds of the Daisycon network. So this does not work with only the regular plugin.

First you need to join a program that offers an product feed. When you go to Affiliate Marketing > Programs > Overview you will see a list with all available programs. You can limit the list to show only product feeds by selecting it under Extra.

When you have joined a program that offers an product feed you can create one by going to Affiliate Marketing > Material > Product Feed. Now you will see a list of all the programs you joined that offer a product feed.

Make sure you select the same settings as the image. When you have selected all the options you will get a Usage link just below the options. This link is the one you will add to the plugin. Don’t forget to select daisycon in the dropdown menu just behind the XML input field in the plugin.