Future plans for the plugin

I have just released version 4.0 of the plugin. So now it is time to think about the future of the plugin. Especially about things that are missing in the plugin which should be implemented.

If you have any ideas for version 5.0 please leave a comment below or post it on the forum

Ideas that are given in the comments:
– Filters on the frontend which visitors on your site can use
– More sorting options that the visitor of the site can use
– Easier selection which fields you show on the site
– Add a store based on a keyword
– Comparison module based on EAN number
– Possibility to select multiple feeds
– Show XML name on frontpage
– Choose which feeds the search option uses
– Button to remove import error notification
– Use cloaking on the buy now button
– Text limiter on the description
– Ability to translate extra fields

Ideas from the comments that have been implemented:
– Get items divided in pages so people can browse through the pages – Implemented in version 4.1.11
– Remove items that are no longer in a feed – Implemented in version 4.1.2
– Adjust width of the admin screen – Implemented in version 4.1.2
– Remove stores – Implemented in version 4.1