Version 4.0.8

It is finally time to release version 4.0 of the plugin. The beta testers have tested the new version and besides several small issues, that has been fixed in the mean time, they really liked it.

Version 4.0 was mostly based around the admin menu. There are not much changes on the frontend of the plugin.

New Functions:
– When creating a store you can select on which field the items should be sorted
– You can adjust the font size of the item description/title
– You can select which way the plugin should import items (fopen or curl)

– Importing items have been improved. It will even import parts of an XML sheet if there is an error in it.
– Admin menu has been completely redone to make it more clear (Red cross means something is missing)
– The coding has been completely redone to make it easier to grow
– FAQ has been added to help with the common questions

If you notice anything weird happening after the update leave a comment or use the contact form to contact me.