How do i add the store to my site

This plugin offers two ways to show the products from the productfeed on your site.

The first way is by using a widget. This could be useful when you want to add one item in your side menu. Follow these steps to use the widget:
1) Under Appearance in your WordPress admin menu you have an option called Widgets. Click on that option
2) The widget for this plugin is called TT Store so drag that widget to the widget container on the right side.
3) Give the widget a name and choose which store you want to display in the widget and all you have to do now is save the widget by pressing save.

* Make sure that the store you selected only has a low amount of items preferably only 1 item. Here you can find out how you can limit the amount of items.

The other way to do it is by using the TT Store button you will see when creating a page or post. You just need to make sure you are on the Visual (WYSIWYG) tab instead of the HTML tab when doing these steps else you wont see the button.
1) When you create a page or post click on the Shopping cart button. It will be in the same row as the Bold button. If you keep your mouse on it it will say Insert Store.

2) When you press on that button you get a popup asking you which store you would like to use. After you selected the store you like to use and pressed insert it will display the shortcode used for the store.
3) You can move the shortcode around in your post to decide where it fits better.


This is what the shortcodes mean:

[display_filter store=”1″] = The price filter*

[display_pages store=”1″] = The numbers for the pages*

[user_pages store=”1″] = The option for the visitor to select how many items per page*

[user_sort store=”1″] = The option for the visitor to select how it is sorted*

 [display_multi store=”1″] = The items itself and is the only thing that is needed