Beta Testers wanted

I’m working on the 4.0 version of the TradeTracker-store plugin now and need some beta testers. I think it will be done at the end of January so then the testing will start.

Version 4.0 will have some big changes in it:
– Completely rewritten code. It was getting such a big mess so i decided to rewrite it again (also did it for version 2.0)
– Completely different admin menu’s. The menu’s i introduced in version 2.0 was not build for so much extra additions to the plugin. So i created a menu that gives me more possibilities to let the plugin grow.

and much more like some extra function that have been requested lately.

But to make sure it works correctly i want to have different people test it to see if it works on different providers (and to make sure i did not mess up something)

So if you want to help test the new version send me a message on the contact me page and use the subject “beta testing”