Which settings do i need for Zanox feeds

With the Zanox Addon you are able to add feeds of the Zanox network. So this does not work with only the regular plugin.

In Zanox you go to programmes which you will find in the top menu. Now you will see all affiliate programs that have accepted your site. If you don’t see any than it means you have not requested it with any affiliate program or no program has accepted you yet.

If the affiliate program offers a datafeed you will see a floppy drive. Before the floppy drive you will see how much products the productfeed has and when the last update was. If this is the feed you would like to use click on the Floppydisk.

This will bring you to a new page.
Because Zanox has big product feeds (some are around 100mb) it is best to leave compress option on. But this will only work when Curl is enabled and your hosting has the option for gzip enabled. If you notice this does not work try to deselect the compress option like in the image below (remember this can cause problems with really big files). Else it will not work in the plugin. Then copy the link and fill it in in the settings screen of the plugin (and select Zanox behind it)