Dana from Lovelipops.com

Hi Dana, Thank you for this opportunity to interview you
Thank you for having me.

You are the webmaster of Lovelipops.com what is the website about?
Lovelipops is a blog about all different sorts of cute things; from videos about cute animals to cute self-made jewellery to the tastiest candy recipes.

The shop on Lovelipops

The shop on Lovelipops

I see you’ve used the plugin to create an online shop. What kind of items did you choose to sell through the plugin?
As my website is about cute things, I’ve chosen some very cute items to sell ofcourse. At the moment you can find different kind of clothing, i.e. dresses, tops, shoes and swimwear. But also accessories like cute necklaces, adorable earrings and fancy bags. I’m currently expanding the store with more items, including books, furniture and things for children.

Was the site specifically designed for a store or did you add it later on?
No, I first started with only the blog itself. The store was added later on.

You also requested the TradeDoubler addon for the plugin. Do you use TradeDoubler on Lovelipops?
No i use it on Freekidscolorpages.com which is another website i own. This is a website for smaller children with a large collection of different coloring pages.

items on a coloring page

The items on a coloring page

I see you use the plugin differently on Freekidscolorpages.com. You have store but also show them on all coloring pages. Why did you choose this approach?
I choose to show the store on the coloringpages so that people would come a cross it sooner more often and to increase the amount of sales.

So have you been using the plugin for a long time now?
Since one of the first versions and really like how it has grown and improved over the last couple of months.

What do you like the most about the plugin?
I like that it’s very easy to use. I’m not very technical, so I wouldn’t for example know how to implement an XML file onto my website, now all I have to do is click a few times and I’m all set and done.

Thank you for this interview. Do you have anything you would like to say to other webmasters that read this?
Thanks again for interviewing me. I would like to say to all other webmasters out there, that have been thinking about implementing a store on their website, that they should definitely consider using the TradeTracker-store. It’s easy to use and there are a lot of things you can customise and make changes to inside the store, in order to fit your needs. I definitely recommend it!

If you have any questions for Dana please leave them in a comment and i will see if she can reply them or do a follow up interview. Also don’t forget to check out Lovelipops.com and Freekidscolorpages.com to get some inspiration for your shop.

If you also use my plugin and want to do an interview please contact me