Which settings do i need for TradeDoubler feeds

With the TradeDoubler Addon you are able to add feeds of the TradeDoubler network. So this does not work with only the regular plugin.

In TradeDoubler you go to Ad Management and then Product Feed. In the screen you get you will have to select which website you want to place the Product Feed on. You will then see the affiliate programs that has accepted that site and offer a product feed.

Select the program or programs you would like to use and below the programs you will have to select the format.

The options you will have to choose are the
Format: XML
Concatenate files: Yes
Compression: None
Encoding: UTF-8

After that you select Save and Download. In the new screen you will have to name the Feed and also the Format. When you name the format you can always use them again.

When you press save you will get a link you can fill in on the settings page of the plugin. Don’t forget to select Tradedoubler in the selection option behind the input box for the link.