Which settings do i need for TradeTracker feeds

When you are in your TradeTracker admin menu you click on Affiliatemanagement. You then click on promotiemateriaal (promotion material) and then on productfeeds which is just below promotion material.

Now you will see all networks that has accepted you and have a feed. If this view gives no results it means you still have to join an affiliate or you have not joined one that has a product feed.

If the affiliate is there that you would like to use click on the icon below actie (action) You will now see the Productfeed URL Generator that will look like this:

The product feed gives you the option to select which affiliate you would like to use. The affiliatesite is the site you would like to use the feed on. Then you have to make sure the uitvoertype is XML and the Karakterset is UTF-8.

You can choose to fill in a Referentie but that is not mandatory. But when you have a lot of feeds you use it can make it easier to detect which feed brought the income. You are able to choose how many items it should take with the limiteer het aantal producten (limit the products) option. I would advise to keep the bottom 3 settings the same as on the picture and always leave the option “Compatibiliteitsformaat” on No.

When you press on generate(genereren) you will get a link. This is the link you fill in on the settings tab of the plugin.

If you need more help let me know in the comments