Premium Content

Now the new version has been released it is time to make the plugin even better. The plugin is still mainly usable for TradeTracker. But as of version 3.0 you are also able to buy addons for the plugin. They can be created by me or by someone else.

When someone else creates an Addon i will test it first and when it is working properly i will add it to the store. The creator will get 50% of all income on that Addon. So if you have an great idea for the plugin you would like to get implemented please let me know.

For now there are 3 Addons. These Addons will give you extra feeds you can import to the plugin and use in your store. For now those three are Daisycon, Cleafs and Zanox

The reason these Addons aren’t for free is because of the costs to support them. The plugin itself has cost me about a huge amount of time to create. It still costs me a lot of time to support and create new functions. To receive some compensation for those hours i added this premium content. It gives you some extra possibilities to earn more in return.